Congratulations to New 2019 ABHRS Certified Physicians

On November 12, 2019 the following doctors passed the written and oral examinations conducted by the ABHRS.  We would like to congratulate each of them on their accomplishment:

Dr. Muhammad Ahman

Dr. Nasir Naseem Akhtar

Dr. Waris Anwar

Dr. Paphon Asawaworarit

Dr. M. Usman Azhar

Dr. Shobit Caroli

Dr. Fanfan Chen

Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash

Dr. Ibrahim Jebai

Dr. Inderjit Kaur

Dr. Vaggu Anand Kumar

Dr. Aphakorn Laochunsuwan

Dr. Piyapas Pichaichanarong

Dr. Songjia Tang

Dr. Wajeeh Yasmin

Dr. Hwa Jung Yoo




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Why You Should Pursue ABHRS Certification

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