ABHRS Diplomate Mandatory Annual Sustaining Dues!

Membership Dues are $750 and are due by January 31, 2021 after January 31, 2021 a $50 late fee will be added to your invoice so you will pay $800.  Any ABHRS members whose dues are unpaid by April 1, 2021 shall cease to be a member in good standing, and shall lose all rights and privileges of membership until the delinquency is satisfied.

Diplomates should read and agree to abide by the ABHRS Code of Ethics Policy Statement which can be found at http://www.abhrs.org/pay-dues/, the ISHRS guidelines regarding Misleading and Inappropriate Messaging which can be found at http://www.ishrs.org/article/red-flags as well as the Affidavit regarding Role of Hair Restoration Surgeon and Truth in Representation & Advertising which can be found at http://www.abhrs.org/pay-dues/.

Quick and easy! Current Diplomates may renew online.


We accept only Visa and Mastercard

Your payment will be declined if the address you provide does not match the billing address of your credit card.

Required Documents – Please read and acknowledge by answering the three (3) questions on the bottom of your invoice and return invoice to [email protected]