Cumulative Lifetime Giving

The ABHRS Capital Campaign will recognize you on the ABHRS website and at all upcoming meetings with ribbons and announcements for your cumulative lifetime giving.

For example, if you give $500 for a 5-year period (Friend Level) but decide to add an additional $500 either during that time or commit to give it as a one-time donation, then you will automatically be raised to the Sustainer Level of giving.

Every time you donate more, even if the commitment is slowly given over 5 years, you will be elevated to the next tier depending on how much you give.

Current Members

Join your colleagues and donate now below. Your donation serves as an investment in both the ABHRS and yourself.

Cumulative Lifetime Giving Tiers

  • Friend $500
  • Sustainer $1000
  • Patron $2500
  • Benefactor $5,000
  • Leadership $10,000
  • President’s Circle $20,000
  • Friend $9/month for 5 years (or a one-time donation of $500)
  • Sustainer $17/month for 5 years (or a one-time donation of $1000)
  • Patron $42/month for 5 years (or a one-time donation of $2500)
  • Benefactor $84/month for 5 years (or a one-time donation of $5,000)
  • Leadership $167/month for 5 years (or a one-time donation of $10,000)
  • President’s Circle $333/month for 5 years (or a one-time donation of $20,000)

Yes! I’m In

I want the ABHRS voice to be heard in my marketplace. I want to safeguard the meaning and value of my credentials. I want to protect my reputation and promote my practice. Click on the Contribution level below that you would like to participate!

Giving Tier Options

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