The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery is dedicated to a community of well-informed patients and certified physicians. For more information regarding hair restoration, board certification, case studies, and other ABHRS-related news, please visit the following Resources pages:

For Physicians:

For more information regarding ABHRS certification and new membership news, check out our blog and informational videos. Our News page will give you quarterly updates, insights into new medical advances, and other important updates from the ABHRS community. You can also watch our informational videos for information on the certification exam and the importance of being a certified hair restoration surgeon. For current members, you can find information about membership dues and the ABHRS by-laws under the “Members Only” tab.

For Patients:

If you are considering a hair restoration procedure, finding a reputable, board-certified surgeon is an important step. View our Case Studies to see what kind of results you can achieve from your hair restoration surgery. You can also find a surgeon you like by viewing the physician who performed each case study. If you have initial questions about hair restoration, use the Ask a Doctor inquiry form. Although this will not be considered a medical consultation, the general information you receive can guide you to make an informed decision about treatment options.