Congratulations to New Members!

The following doctors recently passed the written and oral examinations conducted by the ABHRS. We would like to congratulate each of them on their accomplishment:

  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahamd
  • Dr. Adnan Bashir
  • Dr. Shaharom Sulaiman Bin
  • Dr. Deena Khairiah Baharuddin Binti
  • Dr. Jason Dudas
  • Dr. Randa Erfan
  • Dr. Mohammad Harris Haseeb
  • Dr. Ryan Yang Hoi Heo
  • Dr. Jawad Jahangir
  • Dr. Sabahat Jan
  • Dr. Kulwipapat Jaturapisanukul
  • Dr. Ramida Kasemsomporn
  • Dr. Ahmad Murhaf Kayali
  • Dr. Injae Lee
  • Dr. Daniela De Los Angeles Barrientos Moncada
  • Dr. Ruban Nathan
  • Dr. Nuttorn Narupaves
  • Dr. Jae Joon Park
  • Dr. Onuma Phanapiwat
  • Dr. Amin Ur Rahman
  • Dr. Aneel Batalvi Riaz
  • Dr. Dorina Soltesz
  • Dr. Luciana Takata
  • Dr. Danai Thampibal
  • Dr. Juan Vlieg Valencia
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Congratulations to New Members!

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